Complete Laser Therapy

Complete laser therapy in dentistry is a modern and innovative approach to treating dental issues using advanced laser technology. This technique uses a high-powered laser to target and address dental problems with minimal invasion and maximum precision. Some of the treatments our dentists may perform with complete laser therapy include:

  • Gum disease treatment: Complete laser therapy can effectively treat periodontal disease by eliminating harmful bacteria and promoting gum tissue regeneration.
  • Cavity treatment: Lasers allow us to remove decayed tooth material without the need for a drill, making cavity treatment more comfortable and less invasive.
  • Root canal therapy: With a laser, we can clean and disinfect the root canal system, helping to ensure the success of the procedure and minimize the risk of complications.
  • Cosmetic treatments: Lasers can be used for a variety of cosmetic treatments, including gum contouring, teeth whitening and the removal of excess tissue.

There are many benefits to complete laser therapy, including:

  • Noninvasive treatment: Laser therapy does not involve surgical incisions or the use of drills, making it a less invasive option compared to traditional dental treatments.
  • Reduced pain and discomfort: This technology uses a focused beam of light to target the affected area, reducing the need for anesthesia and minimizing pain and discomfort during and after the procedure.
  • Faster healing time: Laser therapy promotes faster healing and tissue regeneration, reducing recovery time and getting you back to your normal activities faster.
  • Reduced risk of infection: Laser therapy uses a high-energy beam to kill bacteria and sterilize the area being treated, reducing the risk of infection.

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